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oneLED: That’s how light should be. Elegant. Thin. Bright. Efficient.

oneLED a 4mm thin lighting tool with a straight design
reduced to the essential.

oneLED is a luminaire collection for architects, interior designers as well as decision makers with the hightest demand to design, function and efficiency. The result is a simple, modern and stunning lighting concept.

Apart from our standard types we also offer the possibility of customising: We produce our oneLEDs entirely according to your conceptions – quickly and straightforwardly, just call us!

The body material: simply brilliant.

The backbone of each oneLED luminaire is a four millimeter thin aluminium composite. This material consists of an insulating plastic material core and two current-carrying aluminium covers. These two aluminium covers allow to feed-in electricity and contacting oneLED modules at each position of the body. This is exactly why oneLED is unique and brilliant.

The composite is as tough as 2.4 millimeter pure steel with just a 1/3 of its weight. The standard colours are ‘dark black’, ‘bright silver’ and ‘pure white’ (more colours are available on request).

Following oneLED modules are available:

oneLED16 4,8 W 425lm CRI > 85 equivalent to ~45Watt
halogen power
oneLED36 9,6 W 960lm CRI > 85 equivalent to ~90Watt
halogen power
oneLED64 16 W 1715lm CRI > 85 equivalent to ~145Watt
halogen power

By default all oneLED luminaires are provided with a colour temperature of 2850K, which is equal to the colour temperature of an halogen lamp. 4000K / 5500K on request.

Energy efficiency.
Due to FSIGN[LED] Technology.

The integrated FSIGN[LED] technology makes one most efficient. A comparable halogen luminaire with a similar light yield would take 9 times as much energy.

This equates to an energy savings of up to 89%.

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