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FSIGN[LED] Technology. The sophisticated basis for a timeless design.
The printed circuit board.

The basis of the FSIGN[LED] technology is an aluminium circuit board with two main functions: firstly it serves as a static element and secondly it routes the generated heat from the LEDs to the luminaire body. Active electronic devices on the board guarantee an optimal operation of each LED and a constant low temperature in the LEDs even under inappropriate conditions. By this, rapid ageing effects due to overheating are avoided and a lifetime of > 50.000 hours is guaranteed. FSIGN[LED] technology reaches maximum brightness as soon as it is switched on and is dimmable if required. Due to the fact that the total luminosity is split into several light spots a minimisation of glare is obtained. After reaching the maximum lifetime of the LEDs the board can be easily changed due to the special designed contacting of the PCB.

The LED.

The core of FSIGN[LED] technology is a 1/4 watt smd LED with a minimum generation of heat. This smd LED exists of a semiconductor chip which emits blue light and a yellow photoluminescent overlayer which transforms the light into a pleasant warm white light of 3000 K, which corresponds to the colour temperature of a halogen bulb. By exclusively using preselected LEDs the homogeneity of luminosity and colour temperature as well as colour rendering index CRI > 85 is guaranteed.

Energy efficiency.

The integrated FSIGN[LED] technology makes one most efficient. A comparable halogen luminaire with a similar light yield would take 9 times as much energy.

This equates to an energy savings of up to 89%.

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