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Our standard products do not meet your project requirements? We produce your customised solution!

Flexible. Unique. And on demand a customised solution.

Design is, what you do of it. The only consistency of all our oneLEDs is the technical basis: The light output of the different LED modules (with 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 LEDs) and the four millimeter aluminium composite with the maximum dimension of 2.5m x 1.25m. This composite can be cut and bent as you like. The Single components are combinable in any order, as e.g. the oneLED chandelier, and equipped with LED modules where ever you want. Thus the possiblities are limitless.

Though we have realised many own designs yet, we are always astonished about what architects and interior designers are conjuring.

The 5 steps to your customised oneLED!
Step 1: Choose size, design and colour.
The maximum size of your unique copy is 2.5m x 1.25m. The standard colours are ‘dark black’ and ‘pure white’. Further colours are available on request.

The shape can be designed individually. Starting with simple, flat shapes up to a complex geometry. The material can be bent with a minimum radius of 40 mm and more. Should no electricity pass the edge, even an edge of 90° can be realised.

Step 2: Choose a kind of fixing
Where and how do you want to fix your unique oneLED copy? Should it be freely suspended from the ceiling right in the middle of the room, or fixed to the wall? Our team will provide advise how your oneLED luminaire comes into its own.

Step 3: Choose the size and number of the oneLED modules.
The following oneLED modules are available:

oneLED16 5 W 425lm CRI > 85 equivalent to ~45Watt
halogen power
oneLED36 10 W 960lm CRI > 85 equivalent to ~90Watt
halogen power
oneLED64 17 W 1715lm CRI > 85 equivalent to ~145Watt
halogen power

These modules can be fully integrated into the material or plugged in as 360° rotatable panels on the side.

Even an integrated socket is available on which you can plug on a spotlight via oneLED smartCONNECT.

Step 4: Choose the power supply and the position of feed.
At which point should or must the power get into your unique copy? Which converter and, if neccessary which dimming unit do you require?

All of these questions we are pleased to specify and settle together with you.

Step 5: Finished!
After all questions are settled we produce your oneLED-system in no time and send it to you!

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