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The start: three brothers – one idea.

At the end of the nineties we, the brothers Frech Jürgen, Matthias and Simon, had a brave idea: We became self-employed with the aim to provide exterior lamps in a perfect design and of high quality. Everyone of us had and still has his own special subject: Purchase, development or sales. Finally we could design, produce and merchandise our own products with the well-known Swabian precision – a childhood dream came true of everyone of us. Founded in 1999 we have gradually led FSIGN together from a small manufacturer to an industrial establishment and also enhanced our sphere. From a pure outdoor specialist to a complete provider of innovative out-and indoor lighting systems. Today we produce our standard products in small up to middle batches, as well as customised solutions in single-unit production: real unique copies! Our customers order our luminaires from near and far, from Germany and all over the world.

Vision with difficulties.

Only a short time after the establishment LED came up as a topic. We started to experiment with LEDs early in the year 2000 and built countless prototypes. The first LEDs had too little luminance and were more or less a gimmick and not for using in general lighting. However, the vision developed to build a lighting system that meets the super-thin design of the LED. So: No big bodies, no big illuminants. Just light. Just beautiful. A total new kind of luminaire, super-thin but also functional and aesthetic to completely use the advantages of technology and design of LEDs. Two years later high power LEDs came into the market. The luminance was there, but they needed huge cooling elements – so the thin design that we were seeking was not possible. Our idea disappeared in the back of our heads a bit more and more after every setback. But our ambitions were always bigger. So we tried again and again. Until we succeeded in 2008! The solution were LEDs which are used in computer flatscreens. And behold: there was light! The luminaires shone brigthly and there was no problem with the heat. We were as merry a lark about our success. Now it was finally possible to combine the thin design with a good lighting perfomance. We wanted to make things hum.

Swabian spirit and German precision.

With this breakthrough the next problem occured: What kind of material do we use for the design of our body? While combing through our sample stock we got hold of a piece of aluminium composite material. It only took a moment until we realised the ingenuity of this material.

LEDs need a positive and a negative pole. The composite material had two aluminium overlays, an insulating plastic core and it was very robust. We just conducted the power through the material. So there was no interfering cable and we had the total freedom of design! So we began to design, to test and to build prototypes. After a comparatively short time it was clear: The combination of the material with our LEDs was just pefect, so simple! That’s it!

Together with our sub-suppliers we produced the first samples. In the past it didn’t matter if a luminaire was one millimeter longer or shorter. But with the technical basis of our luminaires and the four millimeter thin aluminium composite material a tolerance of just 2/10 millimeters when milling was already fatal and the luminaire didn’t perform. After a few sleepless nights we came to a decision: We will take the entire production of our luminaires into our own hands and we will buy our own CNC centre.

The chain of reasoning: The master plan.

Together with our friend Jo Hecht, who has supported us in all matters of design from day one, we developed a master plan: oneLED. Wall- , ceiling-, floor-, table- as well as suspended luminaires were developed under his lead management. Jo is simply a perfectionist! You can talk with him for hours about the dimensions of a simple radius or about the meaningfulness of a screw that annoys the eye. He has a sense for figures, sizes and how a product must feel like. Jo Hecht passed the exams for Master of Industrial Design at the Milan Domus Acadamy in 1997 and used to work for numerous design studios in Milan. He last had worked as a design director in the studio of Aldo Cibic, before he returned to Germany in 2001 and started to support us.

Then, in the spring of 2010 it all began. We presented oneLED for the first time. This was the start of a luminaire which would revolutionise the market!

An idea runs out of space.

Our success at numerous international fairs and the many orders which came in afterwards, showed us where our journey will lead us. Shortly after introducing oneLED on the market it was clear that we had to expand. We had been expanding regularly in the past but now we were crowded. In September 2011 we decided to move. When we started in 1999 we had an area of 140 sqm – today we have 1.200 sqm in which we moved in in January 2012 situated in a big industrial area – naturally in Schorndorf, our hometown.

Only the best ideas are realised.

Daily we develop and drop new ideas. We puzzle, experiment and build the prototypes by ourselves. Together with external designers and peole who give us inspirations we take our time to let our ideas ripen. Our history shows us that the best way is not always the one that leads us forward – sometimes we have to change direction completely. Only this way we can improve ourselves as well as our thin and technically demanding luminaires.

FSIGN – made in Schorndorf.

All our luminaires are designed, produced, mounted and tested by us. And of course „Made in Germany“. Something we are very proud of.

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